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Sparkhill Electrical (Established in the mid 1950's) has built an excellent reputation as one of the UK's leading Electrical Contractors to the High Street sector. Providing electrical design, installation and energy saving solutions to suit our Clients requirements. Working along side some of the most recognised National Shopfitters, to take the stores from initial concept through to project completion.

Sparkhill Electrical is the contractor of choice for many major high-street retailers. They choose us for speed and reliability, and because they count on us to devise electrical solutions that ease the burden of retail management.

Sparkhill Electrical is also the preferred contractor in numerous other locations where care and sensitivity are as important as time and cost. If an electrical installation demands prestige and quiet professionalism, you can rely on Sparkhill to wire it for maximum flexibility and with minimum fuss.

No two buildings are alike, so no two electrical installations are quite the same. We design each one from scratch to reflect a unique set of design conditions and user requirements. Using the latest CAD systems, we plan your installation around your supplied site drawings or our own site surveys. We can often produce drawings and submit them for approval within a single day.

We like to do more than meet the bare bones of the specification. We prefer to work with clients to produce a layout and switching solution that puts them in full control of their premises. A well thought through electrical installation eases the burden of day-to-day premises management. It makes life easier.

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